Leica M for 15 days - Day 1 -

Good things happen! 

And this time is a big and awesome thing! I have te opportunity to shoot with the extraordinary Leica M with 35mm lens for the next  15 days!

I've decided to take a shoot every day  to enjoy this opportunity and use this amazing camera during my everyday life,.

I'll be taking just unplanned portraits to random people and maybe animals using just the lights I'll find.

So let's begin this fast adventure.

Rocco is a friend of mine and a great and talented photography Student at the ISFCI in Rome, last night he came over his house and we shoot this simple but intese night portrait of him in his room.


1/90 Sec // f 2.8 // ISO 1600 // 35mm Summilux 

Post Production : Lightroom and VSCO