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Guy/Gay - does it really matters? - 

Everyday we get in contact with various types of people, friends, colleagues or simply strangers. Every time we tend to express our opinion quickly and in a simplistic way over their sexuality, in a maze of labels and conditionings. But what if we stop for a moment and watch them carefully? if we looked them straight in the eyes, would we really be able to judge so quickly? Watching these pictures of Corrado Murlo, a collection of portraits of common guys (half of whom are homosexuals), it takes a few seconds and a closer look to find yourself disoriented, without elements that can help you distinguish, realizing on the other hand how each one, with all its contrasts, is hopelessly like us. Is therefore so important? "GAY/GUY does it really matter?” because maybe, in the end, the thing that frightens us the most is being unable to tell apart.