Beloty's Portraits for her blog

Recently I've been in contact with many beauty and fashion bloggers some of them are already well-known and others are starting their adventures in the bloggers's world

Beloty is building up a totally new kind of beauty blog format here in Italy, her blog (and also Facebook page and Instagram) is called Afroon and is about everything that goes around Afro hairstyle and beauty.

In other parts of Europe like France this kind of blogs are really popular and I'm really happy to help this girl in her project to make it popular aswell in Italy.

Our first shooting was about a particular kind of hairdo, really classy and easy to make, don't ask me for details about because I'm simply a bald photographer!

We can say this is a little preview before her next post about it on the blog, but you know I couldn't wait any longer to post my work.

Camera: Fujifilm X-T1 + 56mm

Post Production: Adobe Lightrom + Vsco + Photoshop CC