"Kasper" portraits for "De Morgen" journal.

I can loudly say I'm proud of what I've been doing lately, and especially about this work.

A month ago I've been contacted by an Dutch photo agency searching for a portrait photographer based in Rome, they needed to take four pictures of a man during an interview.

They only thing I only knew was that the interviewed claimed to have been an  Special Agent working for the  CIA with the code name : "Kasper"

He wrote a book abut his life and experiences as a spy and lately he decided to show himself and reveal his name, Vincenzo Fenili.

I met him and the interviewer , Jan Stevens, in an fancy hotel in the center of Rome  where I had to take two static portraits and two "stolen" portrait during the interview.

This is the kind of work i'm living for, I really love to be part of this kind of things and I'm glad I had this great opportunity.

This is the link to the article on the online site of the "De Morgen".

Picitures taken using Fujifilm X-t-1 and Fuji lenses.