Contesta Rock Hair Hub Campaign

Nel cuore di Roma, vicinissimo alla Stazione Termini  si trova un locale ormai storico non sono per i turisti ma anche per i giovani "The Yellow" un ostello polifunzionale dove si possono ascoltare concerti dal vivo,mangaire piatti ricercati, fare yoga e ora grazie alla collaborazione con Contesta Rock Hair anche prendersi cura della propria immagine.

In occasione dell'apertura di questo novo salone ho realizzato pr CRH la loro nuova campagna pubblicitaria che si concentra sulla figura di 6 influencers, i quali saranno non sono l'immagine ma anche l'anima di questa nuovissima realtà nei prossimi 6 mesi. 



Gli scatti sono stati realizzati in studio con Fujifilm Xpro2 e 56mm f 1.2, direct flash esterno.

Post Produzione Lightroom CC + Photoshop CC

"Kasper" portraits for "De Morgen" journal.

I can loudly say I'm proud of what I've been doing lately, and especially about this work.

A month ago I've been contacted by an Dutch photo agency searching for a portrait photographer based in Rome, they needed to take four pictures of a man during an interview.

They only thing I only knew was that the interviewed claimed to have been an  Special Agent working for the  CIA with the code name : "Kasper"

He wrote a book abut his life and experiences as a spy and lately he decided to show himself and reveal his name, Vincenzo Fenili.

I met him and the interviewer , Jan Stevens, in an fancy hotel in the center of Rome  where I had to take two static portraits and two "stolen" portrait during the interview.

This is the kind of work i'm living for, I really love to be part of this kind of things and I'm glad I had this great opportunity.

This is the link to the article on the online site of the "De Morgen".

Picitures taken using Fujifilm X-t-1 and Fuji lenses.



Beloty's Portraits for her blog

Recently I've been in contact with many beauty and fashion bloggers some of them are already well-known and others are starting their adventures in the bloggers's world

Beloty is building up a totally new kind of beauty blog format here in Italy, her blog (and also Facebook page and Instagram) is called Afroon and is about everything that goes around Afro hairstyle and beauty.

In other parts of Europe like France this kind of blogs are really popular and I'm really happy to help this girl in her project to make it popular aswell in Italy.

Our first shooting was about a particular kind of hairdo, really classy and easy to make, don't ask me for details about because I'm simply a bald photographer!

We can say this is a little preview before her next post about it on the blog, but you know I couldn't wait any longer to post my work.

Camera: Fujifilm X-T1 + 56mm

Post Production: Adobe Lightrom + Vsco + Photoshop CC


Crayon Made Army shooting

And finally the time has come!

A few weeks agoI started a collaboration with an amazing band called "Crayon Made Army", for the upcoming  release their first  single "Pristine" .

Now is time to show what we did together during our two days shooting in a wonderful place such as is Lago Trasimeno, our goal was to create a North Europe Inspired mood for the pictures even being in the sunny Italy.

Luckly the Weather's God decided to help us a lot!! 

We found a cloudy and cold toned sky with the perfect light to shoot what we I had in my mind, I really felt in another country and maybe the -3C° helped us to delve into the right mood.

During this shooting I've seen so many astonishing places I'll never forget, the guys made me felt like home and I also eaten a lot of delicious typical dishes...I hope to shoot with them soon again!

I won! But my mail worked against me!

It was almost 5 Am in Rome, I was sleepless in my bed while my pug Brian was snoring in his dog's bed.

"What can I do??", I wondered and so I had the brilliant Idea to clean up my work mail.

 After a few minutes in the devilish spam folder i found a message from Phlearn, "your pics won the best natural light contest "...WHAT!!! My email worked against me and so I read this cool news after almost 2 months!!!!

But is never too late, here is the video comment about my winning picture posted on the official PhLearn Youtube Channel and here is the pic again!